Lavishly laid tables, Old Polish dishes and an amazing atmosphere. You can be sure of one thing: once you find Baba Yaga, no one will need to persuade you for another visit in the inn.

Driving to the inn from Radom takes just ten minutes. A few kilometers from the city, near the route to Lublin, there is an original wooden building. An amazing cane roof immediately attracts attention. It is difficult, even for a moment, not to deviate slightly from the chosen route and come in here for a real Old Polish dinner. Inside the inn there are heavy wooden tables, benches and chairs. In every corner there’s a … Baba Yaga. The walls of the inn are decorated with portraits of witches, while the ceiling has brooms suspended underneath.

The kitchen staff in the inn offers real Old Polish dishes. It would be hard to find porcelain plates in the inn. The huge portions are served only in earthenware bowls and platters.

Entire families come to Baba Yaga. It is worth checking out not only to try delicious dishes, but also to relax. In the back of the inn there is a garden and a river. This place is especially liked by children. The little ones can enjoy a fenced playground on site, and inside the inn there is a corner for our kids. Adults, on the other hand, can relax at the garden tables with umbrellas. Every day there are a lot of cars in the parking lot. It is a sign that the cuisine here is excellent and Baba Yaga brings happiness.

For reservations and orders please contact us at the phone number 515 010 111.

Reservations for Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays can be made only at the inn.

The restaurant is open daily from 7.00 to 23.00 – please visit us!

Kuczki Kolonia 71
26-634 GÓZD
tel. 515 010 111